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Oklahoma tornadoes and climatology

2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes (at NWS Norman web site)
previous years, refer to NWS Norman monthly/annual pages.

The original May 3 work list

List of significant and potentially significant tornadoes 1980-2014

This lists tornadoes that were F2 or greater, had path lengths of 5 miles or longer, or path widths of 400 yards or greater. Other notes about these lists are available.
Oklahoma: central, northwest and north central, southwest, northeast, southeast.
Texas: Panhandle and Texas south plains, north central, west and the "Big Country".
Kansas: west, south central, north central, east.
Nebraska: west, northeast, southeast.
South Dakota
North Dakota

Indiana: north, central, south.
Illinois: north, central, south.
Missouri: north, central, south.
Arkansas: central, west, east.
Michigan: north, south.
Wisconsin: north, south.
Minnesota: north, south.
Ohio: west, east.
Iowa: northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast.
Kentucky: west, east.

New Mexico
Western U.S.: AZ/ CA/ ID/ MT/ NV/ OR/ UT/ WA/ WY

Florida: north, south.

Other various data

Path of monster supercell (3/12/2006)

National tornado day climatology in ~10 day increments

Animated national map

"Chaseable" tornadoes

The statistics here remove nighttime tornadoes (here defined as occurring between 2100 and 0800 LST)

National "Chaseable" Tornado Day map:
   Daytime Tornado Day county map (Updated: May, 2012)

Random national tornado climo tidbits

Most tornadoes in a state in 24 hours (updated through 2013 on 5/26/2014)

Hurricane Data

(OK, not tornadoes, but hey.)
Gulf Coast Landfalling Hurricanes (1900-2004)
Tropical systems affecting Oklahoma (1900-2004)