Florida Photos by Speg

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Palm lined street Anhinga sunning itself Anhinga by pond Close-up of turtle on log Egret in flight Roseate Spoonbill wading Close-up of roseate spoonbill in flight Close-up of alligator in a pond Anhinga Heron on branch with insect swarm in lake. Heron on watch Two roseate spoonbills standing in a lake Baby alligator on a log White Ibis with winds out Red-bellied woodpecker Shallow waves along Florida beach. Sunset and waves Alligator with an attitude Anhinga suns itself at sunset Anhinga at sunset Bird in Flight Bird in Flight Turkey vulture in flight White Ibis Anhinga and Alligator Turtle on log Moon and palm tree roseate spoonbill in flight over trees White Ibis at edge of water Roseate spoonbill wading Close-up of anhinga sunning Alligator swimming A close-up of an osprey in a tree A close-up of an osprey in a tree Sanibel Lighthouse Butterfly Pileated woodpecker Flocks of various birds Great egret landing in lake Roseate spoonbills standing in a lake American White Pelican landing in a lake White Ibis Bird in flight. Southeastern Lubber Grasshopper Grasshopper in love Baby alligator Baby alligator swimming Baby alligator on a log A red-bellied woodpecker Ghost Orchid White Ibis resting on a boardwalk White Ibis on tree branch White Ibis Baby alligator Baby alligator Turtle swimming Brown Pelican and St. Peterburg skyline Bird in flight Sunset above gulf with birds in flight. Alligator Close-up of alligator mouth Adult and baby manatee Manatee spraying Crab in mangrove tree Birds and palm trees An osprey feeding on a fish. Alligators napping Wood stork Alligator in grass Bird landing on top of tree A lot of manatee near the water surface. A blue crab Raccoon peaking out through the ferns Downy woodpecker A white ibis in flight White Ibis Bird flying over lake Turtle swimming White ibis wading in water A birdbath at sunset Bird landing in water

There is no guarantee that I have labeled the bird or animal photos with the correct species name. Some I am certain about, others are where I have made my best guess comparing them to field guides.