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Speg's Aurora photos - November 7-8, 2004

When I arrived to darker skies northwest of Oklahoma City at about 10:00 pm CST, there was a green glow to the north on the horizon. This was like the faint aurora I saw last year, although a bit more intense, but there was not much structure to it. The darker patches are wisps of cirrus clouds.
But a longer time exposure on the camera shows some more color than was observed with the naked eye. Almost all of these photos show more color and intensity than could be seen with the eye.
We could see something above us, but we could not tell if it was streaks of the aurora or high clouds. Just in case, I took this photo facing west. The light gray streak we saw was likely clouds, but there appears to be a streak of red above it. This red glow would be to the south of the zenith!
But as time progressed, the intensity increased, especially around 11:00 pm CST. In this photo, there may be a hint of some "curtain" structure at the lower part of the aurora.
Visibly, the intensity was increasing, but we could not really discern the red color apparent.
A little after 11:00 pm CST, we could see some red above the green glow to our northeast. But to the eye, it appeared to be more of a deep crimson that was harder to see against the black sky.
Between 11:00 pm and 11:45 pm (approximately), there were a few times where vertical columns appeared.
After about 12:15 am, the green glow persisted, but had decreased in intensity and my camera lens began to fog up. The aurora continued at the lower intensity past 1:00 am when I decided it was time to drive back to Norman.

All photos were taken with my Canon EOS Elan IIe, with a focal length generally around 28mm, f/3.5 using the "bulb" exposure for durations usually between 30 and 60 seconds. The first four photos were using Kodak Gold 400 film, while the remainder were on Kodak Max 800 film.

Thanks to Dave Ewoldt and Bill Wasinger for information and entertainment.

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